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210219 KKI ANNC

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〇今週カリキュラム (J-13)

➡テーマ: イエス様は創造物の上に力がある

➡バイブル: イエス様が嵐を静める

➡祈り: 自然災害に影響された地域のために祈る
➡生活への適応: 子どもたちに神様の平安を伝える

➡クリエーション: 嵐(天候)


2/24() Graduation Prep 卒園式準備


  可能な限りで結構です。  よろしくお願いします。  

*時間: 13:00-

*場所: 多目的ホール   


〇2/26() 子育て+プラスキッズ コーチング学び会@Cafe Merveille

*テーマ: 「責任の法則」

*時間: 12:45-14:30

*場所: カフェ メルヴェイユ

(1焼き菓子セットオーダー制 ¥550)



*We are postpoing graduates' field trip which was supposed to be on Monday, February 22nd since the state of emergency is still on. 


*Please check your child's nails since some friends have long nails. 


〇This week's unit (J-13)

→Theme: Jesus  has power over creation

→Bible: Jesus stills the storm

→Prayer: Prayer for those affected by natural disasters

→Practical Application: Imparting God's peace to children

→Creation: Storms (Weather)


2/24(Wed) Graduation Prep

(Available parents)

Please come and help us out if you can. 

*Time: 13:00-

*Place: Multi-purpose Hall


2/26(Fri) Child Coaching plus Kids Study

*Theme: “Responsibility”

*Time: 12:45-14:30

*Place: Merveille Cafe

(Please order baked sweets set: 550 yen)

*Please use the QR code on newsletter or flyer to make a reservation.

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