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200212 KKI ANNC



*家族写真をまだお持ちいただいていない方は、持ってきてください。 *コドモンアプリから皆さまに連絡する際、しばらくの間慣れるまでメールでもお知らせをしています。4月以降は、アプリのみのご連絡とさせていただきます。





➡テーマ: イエス様がされたように私たちも病気の人や必要のある人を助ける






〇2/16(火) Bible Cafe バイブルカフェ


*時間: 13:00~14:30

*場所: 多目的ホール


〇2/18(木) Road Safety 交通安全教育



*時間: 13:30~14:30

*場所: 多目的ホール


For Road Safety on Friday, the 18th,  we would like to ask parents to refrain from coming since the state of emergency is still on. 


*For those who haven't brought your family photo to school yet, please bring it a soon as possible.


*For this term, we will be using both Codomon and email for announcements and communication. We will only use Codomon from April. 


*Please have a look at your child's pictures which was taken last month. 


〇This week's unit (J-12)

→Theme: We are to help the sick and needy as Jesus did

→Bible: The Healing at Bethesda

→Prayer: Prayer for those who need physical healing

→Practical Application: Expressing compassion for people with special needs

→Creation: The skeletal system


2/16(Tue) Bible Cafe

We will take a look together about what the children are learning in the preschool. If you have any questions or if there is anything you want to know, please feel free to ask us.

Time: 13:00~14:30

PlaceMulti-purpose Hall


2/18(Thu) Road Safety

(Students, staff)

We will invite people from the city office to teach us about road safety. Police officers will not come this year.

Time: 13:30~14:30

Place: Multi-purpose Hall



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