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20210226 KKI ANNC

**English Below**


〇今週カリキュラム (J-14)

➡テーマ: イエス様のように私たちも感謝の心をもつ

➡バイブル: 5つのパンと2ひきの魚

➡祈り: 私たちの持っているものに感謝する
➡生活への適応: 感謝の心を育てる

➡クリエーション: 米


〇(延期)3/1() Graduates' Field Trip 卒園遠足 





3/2() Senior Mission Presentation 年長ミッションプレゼンテーション



*多目的ホールドアオープン: 13:20

*プレゼンテーション開始時間: 13:30

*場所: 多目的ホール


〇3/3() Graduation Prep卒園式準備


  可能な限りで結構です。  よろしくお願いします。  

*時間: 13:00-



〇3/5() 子育てコーチング学び会@Cafe Merveille


*時間: 13:00-14:30

*場所カフェ メルヴェイユ

*参加費: キングダム保護者価格で800円!(ドリンク付)



〇This week's unit (J-14)

→Theme: We are to be thankful just as Jesus was thankful

→Bible: Jesus feeds the five thousands

→Prayer: Giving thanks for what we have

→Practical Application: Cultivating a thankful attitude

→Creation: Rice


〇(POSTPONED)3/1 (Mon) Graduates' Field Trip

(Graduates, staff)

The state of emergency is still on today at this point so we will postpone it to Monday, the 15th.

Regular school day for all students.


3/2 (Tue) Senior Mission Presentation

(Students, staff, available parents)

We will have our seniors make presentations. We would like to invite not only senior friends’ parents but also junior and freshmen parents as well but we might ask to refrain them from coming. We will let you know later when it is closer to the date.

*Multi-purpose Hall door opens at: 13:20

*Start presentation at: 13:30

*Place: Multi-purpose Hall


3/3(Wed) Graduation Prep

(Only junior & freshmen friends' parents)

*Time: 13:00-

*Place: Multi-purpose Hall 


3/5(Fri) Child Coaching Study

*Theme: The rule of “Power”

*Time: 13:00-14:30

*Place: Merveille Café

*Fee: 800yen for Kingdom Kids parents (including one free drink)

To make a reservation, please read this QR code on flyer or newsletter.

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