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20210326 KKI ANNC

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〇今週カリキュラム (J-16)
➡テーマ: イエス様は命を与えるお方
➡バイブル: イエス様がラザロをよみがえらせた
➡祈り: 命を与えるお方のことをまだ聞いたことがない人のために祈る
➡生活への適応: 気分を害されたときの対応
➡クリエーション: 生きているものとの生きていないもの

*All our students except graduates are taking home their emergency bags. Please check the things inside especially the expiration date on food and bring them back on Monday. 
Also, please make sure to put a key chain or something with a name on so that everybody knows whose bags they are.

〇This week's unit (J-16)
→Theme: Jesus is the life giver
→Bible: Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead
→Prayer: Prayer for those who haven't heard of the life giver
→Practical Application: Response for God's Creation 
→Creation: Living/non-living
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