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〇4/7(水)Entrance Ceremony 入園式



*時間: 新入生11:00-式終了後解散、フルコース生は通常通り登園

*場所: 多目的ホール 


〇4/8(木) & 4/9(金) & 4/12(月) Half Day半日レッスン



〇4/9(金) 子育てコーチング学び会@Cafe Merveille

*テーマ: 「尊重」の法則

*時間: 13:00-14:30

*場所: カフェ メルヴェイユ

*参加費: キングダム保護者価格で800円!(ドリンク付)






Our new school year has started! We all prayed for our graduates on the last day that they came to school. It warmed our hearts to see them caring and loving each other. 


*Starting on Monday, April 5th, we are doing construction for our playground. Please be careful when you drop off and pick up your child.


*Students are taking home their attendance cards today. (Some new students will take them home after entrance ceremony.)

Please fill out the first page and bring it back on Monday.

Please keep the old one at home.


4/7(Wed) Entrance Ceremony

(New students, new students’ parents, Full Course students, staff)

Full Course students need to wear school t-shirt.

*Time: Regular school day for Full Course friends

 Ceremony starts at 11:00 and new students will go home after ceremony.

*Place: Multi-purpose Hall


4/8(Thu) & 4/9(Fri) & 4/12(Mon) Half Day

Regular time for Full Course friends.


4/9(Fri) Child Coaching Study

*Theme: The rule of “Respect”

*Time: 13:00-14:30

*Place: Café Merveille

*Fee: 800yen for Kingdom Kids parents (including one free drink)

Please us the QR code on flyer or newsletter to make a reservation.


4/9(Fri) Recycling Collection

Please put them in the warehouse next to the vending machine.

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