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20210319 KKI ANNC



〇今週カリキュラム (J-18)

➡テーマ: イエス様は、死ぬことを選択したことを通して偉大な愛を示している

➡バイブル: イースターのお話

➡祈り: イエス様がしてくださったことをほめたたえる

➡生活への適応: イエス様のような愛を周りの人にも示す

➡クリエーション: 季節


This week we started to call our graduates "Graduates," our juniors "Seniors," and our freshmen "Juniors." They all looked a little shy but happy when we started doing that. 
〇This week's unit (J-18)
→Theme: Jesus showed the greatest love He could by choosing to die for us
→Bible: The Easter story
→Prayer: Praise and worship for what Jesus did for us
→Practical Application: Ways to show love to others as Jesus does
→Creation: Seasons
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