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〇今週カリキュラム (J-11)

➡テーマ: 父なる神様は、イエスさまがしたように私たちも互いを祝福し合うことを願っておられる

➡バイブル: イエス様が子どもたちを祝福する

➡祈り: 祈りを通して周りの人を祝福する

➡生活への適応: 周りの人を楽しく祝福する方法

➡クリエーション: 世界の子どもたち


〇2/12(金) Valentine's Day Activity バレンタインギフト作り




〇2/12(金) 子育て+プラスキッズ コーチング学び会@Cafe Merveille

*テーマ: 「責任の法則」

*時間: 12:45-14:30

*場所: カフェ メルヴェイユ (1焼き菓子セットオーダー制 ¥550)



〇2/12(金) 古紙回収のお願い










Hi, this is Kingdom Kids.


*Thank you for your cooperation for registering to Codomon.

Please use the card reader when you drop off and pick up your child.

Please do not put your card on the card reader when it's not the time to drop off or pick up your child because you will be charged.


*Thank you for joining our Video Observation today. Please take this survey to help us improve.  


〇This week's unit (J-11)

→Theme: God our Father wants us to bless others as Jesus blessed us

→Bible: Jesus blesses the children

→Prayer: Blessing others through prayer

→Practical Application: Fun ways of blessing others

→Creation: Children of the world


2/12(Fri) Valentine's Day Activity

(Students, staff)

We are making gifts with love. Please let your child wear something that has the color red or pink.


2/12(Fri) Child Coaching Study

*Theme: “Responsibility”

*Time: 12:45-14:30

*Place: Merveille Cafe

(Please order baked sweets set: 550 yen)

*Please use the QR code on newsletter or flyer to make a reservation.


〇2/12(Fri) Recycling Collection

Thank you for your cooperation every month.

You can put them in the warehouse even on different days.

Things we collect...

Newspaper & flyers 

Cardboard (Please fold them.)

Milk cartons (Please wash, dry, cut and open them.)

Magazines and papers (Please put the papers in a paper bag.)

Aluminum cans (No steel cans)  

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