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210115 KKI ANNC

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〇今週カリキュラム (J-7)

➡テーマ: イエスさまが両親の敬意を表したように私たちもそのようにするべきである

➡バイブル: イエス様の神殿への訪問
➡祈り: 両親のためと両親に従えるように祈る
➡生活への適応: どうやって従うか

➡クリエーション: 地域で働いている人


1/22() 子育て+プラスキッズ コーチング学び会@Cafe Merveille


*時間: 12:45-14:30

*場所カフェ メルヴェイユ

(1焼き菓子セットオーダー制 ¥550)




*State of Emergency was declared on the 13th in Osaka.

We are so sorry but we have to cancel our field trip which was scheduled on Monday, January 25th and Fun Activity Day with Parents which was scheduled on Saturday, February 6th.

*Photo ordering for 2nd term has started.


〇This week's unit (J-7)

→Theme: We are to honor our parents just as Jesus honored his parents

→Bible: Jesus Visits the Temple

→Prayer: Praying for our parents, and praying for God's help in obeying them

→Practical Application: How to obey

→Creation: Community workers


1/22(Fri) Child Coaching Study

*Theme: Planting and harvesting

Time: 12:45-14:30

Place: Merveille Cafe

(Please order baked sweets set: 550 yen)

*Please use the QR code on flyer or newsletter to make a reservation. 

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