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210108 KKI ANNC

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1/12() 3rd Term Starts  3学期 スタート

1/12() & 1/13() Half Day  半日レッスン


1/14() Full Day Starts全日レッスンスタート



1/14() 3rd Term Orientation 3学期オリエンテーション



*時間: 13:30~14:30

*場所: 多目的ホール


Our 3rd term will start on the 12th. Yoroshiku for this year!

Things to bring on the 12th: File bag, changing clothes, emergency bag, newsletter file, inside shoes, towel, school hat, progress report (Senior & Junior friends)


1/12(Tue) 3rd Term Starts


1/12(Tue) & 1/13(Wed) Half Day

Please pick up your child by 12:10pm. We have Full Course as usual.


1/14(Thu) Full Day Starts

No need to bring lunch because it's a school lunch day. 

(We made a mistake of writing to bring lunch in the newsletter. Sorry for the confusion.)


1/14(Thu) 3rd Term Orientation

(Staff, parents)

Time: 13:30~14:30

PlaceMulti-purpose Hall

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