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20210611 KKI ANNC

*English Below*






-テーマ: 父なる神様は間違った選択をしないように私たちを救うためにイエス様を送られた
-聖書箇所: 使徒 9:1-19
-CDトラック: #37 God Is Light
-バイブル: サウロの改心-祈り: 正しい選択ができるように祈る
-生活への適応: 聖書にある子どもの葛藤
-クリエーション: 光




We've started to practice for Sports Day this week. Our students have been trying their best and enjoying practice. 

Please let your child have a good breakfast before coming to school to make your child's body ready for practice!


*This week's unit (J-25)

-Theme: God our Father sent Jesus to save us from making wrong choices 

-Scripture: Acts 9:1-19
-Scripture song: #37 God Is Light
-Bible: The conversion of Saul
-Prayer: Prayer for ourselves and others to do what is right 
-Practical Application: What the Bible says about common childhood struggles 

-Creation: Light
〇Please have a look at next week's schedule in Codomon calendar.
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