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20210430 KKI ANNC

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-CDトラック#3 You Lord Made Me a Person

クリエーション私はユニーク!(Me Book)





-CDトラック#4 How Great Is the Lord






5/6()7() Mother’s Day Craft 母の日工作











This week in our Creation lesson we learned we are all made differently. We saw how unique we all are by listening to each others' voice and seeing each others' silhouette.


〇This week's unit

→Theme: God is our Father: I am His child

→Bible verses: Psalm 139:1-18

→Scripture song#3 You Lord Made Me a Person

→Bible: I am fearfully and wonderfully made
→Prayer: God listening for my voice
→Practical Appreciation of one another's uniqueness
→Creation: I am unique! (Me Book) 



Theme: God is our Father: What can we know about Him?

→Bible verses: All scripture

→Scripture song: #4 How Great Is the Lord

Bible: The nature of God

Prayer: God’s nature affects our praying

Practical Application: God’s reasonable expectations on us

Creation: God-made/Man-made


5/6(Thu) & 7(Fri) Mother’s Day Craft

(Students, staff)

We will make gifts for mothers.


5/7(Fri) Recycling Collection

Things we collect

・Newspaper & flyers

・Cardboard (Please fold them.)

・Milk cartons (Please wash, dry, cut and open them.)

・Magazines and papers (Please put the papers in a paper bag.)

・Aluminum cans (No steel cans)


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