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20201211 KKI ANNC

【English Below】









〇今週カリキュラム (J-6)

➡テーマ: 父なる神様は私たちがイエス様のように成長するように願っておられる

➡バイブル: イエス様の成長と発達
➡祈り: 成長していく過程での葛藤のための祈り
➡生活への適応: 良いマナーと社会術

➡クリエーション: 良い健康と栄養


〇1/12(火) 3rd Term Starts  3学期 スタート



〇1/12(火) & 1/13(水) Half Day  半日レッスン




〇1/14(木) Full Day Starts 全日レッスンスタート



〇1/14(木) 3rd Term Orientation 3学期オリエンテーション



*時間: 13:30~14:30

*場所: 多目的ホール


〇1/25(月) Field Trip 遠足


*場所: 神戸動物王国



〇2/6(土) Video Observation; Fun Activity with Parents

ビデオ参観(LIVE) ; ペアレントファンアクティビティ





〇2/8(月) Day Off for Activity with parents 代休日



Today is the last day of 2nd term. Thank you for understanding and supporting us even when we had to close school and do online lessons. We really appreciate you all how we were able to walk together.

*This is the link for the survey of Christmas Presentation.  


【The change of date of Video Observation/Parents Day in February】

We are sorry but we had to change the date for video observation. For Full Course students’ parents, we announced that it will be on Sunday, February 7th but it got changed to Saturday, February 6th.


〇This week's unit (J-6)

→Theme: God our Father: God our Father wants us to grow as Jesus grew

→Bible: Jesus' growth and development

→Prayer: Praying for God's help in growing up struggles

→Practical Application: Growing in manners and social skills

→Creation: Good health and nutrition


1/12(Tue) 3rd Term Starts

(Full Course starts on 1/6(Wed).)


1/12(Tue) & 1/13(Wed) Half Day

Please pick up your child by 12:10pm.

We have Full Course as usual.


1/14(Thu) Full Day Starts

Please bring lunch.


1/14(Thu) 3rd Term Orientation

(Staff, parents)

Time: 13:30~14:30

PlaceMulti-purpose Hall


1/25(Mon) Field Trip

(Students, staff)

Place: Kobe Animal Kingdom

We will let you know the details at orientation.


2/6(Sat) Video Observation: Fun Activity with Parents

(Students, staff, available parents)

We will let you know the details at orientation.

Please change the date which is on the Full Course calendar.


2/8(Mon) Day Off for Activity with parents

We have Full Course.

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