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*スクールではコロナウイルス感染拡大防止策として、登園時の全園児の検温、手洗いの徹底を継続しつつ、換気と教室、おもちゃ等の消毒を励行しています。 園児の体調が優れない場合や、37.5度以上の熱がある場合は、自宅にてご療養ください。また、解熱後24時間経った上での再登園にご協力下さい。


Hi, this is Kingdom Kids.
We only have three more days in November.
Our students are practicing very hard for Christmas Presentation.
We are happy to see our students giving good influence to each other when they see each other's program and sometimes older students say, "Cute!" to the younger ones. 
We have one more week till THE DAY! Tanoshimi! 
*Please let us know by Tuesday, December 1st if you want to watch Christmas Presentation livestream.
*We will send you another email about the dress code for Christmas Presentation.
*To prevent the spread of COVID-19, all students have their temperature checked and hands washed when they come to school. We open the windows to let fresh air in the classrooms. 
Please let your child stay at home if she/he is not feeling well and especially if they have temperature over 37.5 ℃. Also, please let your child come to school 24 hours after fever.
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