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そして、スペシャルゲストをお招きしました!アフリカのトーゴにアウトリーチに行ったMs. Manaが来てくれ、トーゴについてシェアしてくれました。また心を合わせて一緒にトーゴのために祈る時間ももちました。


This week we had our Bible, Creation, Practical Application, and Prayer lesson based on the theme of “God our Father loves us all the same.”

For Practical Application lesson, we learned the names of continents, sang worship songs in different languages, and saw different kinds of instruments.

And we also had a special guest! Ms. Mana who went to Togo for outreach came to our school to share about Togo. We put our hearts together to pray for the people there, too.

No matter who we are, no matter where we are at, God our Father loves us all the same!

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