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レッスンテーマ: ”Arise! Shine with Faith!"「信じる輝き」


One of the lesson themes during summer school was "Arise! Shine with Faith!" The Bible story was "Jesus heals a man who was let down through the roof of a house." Four men came to Jesus carrying a man who could not move his body. These men could not get near Jesus because of so many people. They made a hole in the roof of the house over where Jesus stood. Then they let down the bed with the sick man on it. Jesus healed the man and everybody praised God going home.⁡ We will be able to know God and God will be our friends when we believe in Him. He also helps us have good friends and to become one.⁡ We made a torch and a handprint craft. "Fire/light" is something that we can have to help others, shine God's love before others, and to have faith in God. We are blessed to have good friends. Also, We can help each other by giving a hand. We used those helping "hands" to make fire. Praying that each one of us be a light to help each other.⁡

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