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First Step 入園準備クラス

**English Below**⁡


⁡⁡◆日時: 金曜日 10:20-11:00 (月3回)

◆授業料(毎月): 5500円 + 施設費500円

◆入会金: 5500円 ←11/30まで無料!

◆対象: 1歳半から3歳 (保護者同伴

We do different activities like singing English songs, reading English books, working on diy Montessori projects, and making crafts etc. Feel free to contact us if you are interested! ⁡⁡

◆Date(Time): Fridays (10:20am-11:00am)

◆Monthly fee: 5500yen (for lesson) + 500yen (for facility)

◆Entry fee: 5500yen←Free till November 30th!

◆Age: 18-36 months w/ guardian

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