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おやこ英語イベント English Event

*English Below*⁣⁣


◆日時: ⁣
①7/16(金) 11:30-12:00⁣
②8/20(金) 10:30-11:00⁣
◆料金: 各500円⁣
◆対象: 2ヶ月〜3歳のお子様と保護者⁣
◆内容: イングリッシュタイム
◆申込み: メール⁣⁣⁣

⁣・当日は、Merveille - メルヴェイユ でのレッスンになります。スロープを上がって、カフェ入り口からお入りください。⁣

⁣Don’t miss our English event for parents and kids! ⁣⁣

◆Date (Time): ⁣
①Friday, July 16th (11:30am-12:00pm)⁣
②Friday, August 20th (10:30am-11:00am)⁣
◆Price: 500yen per class ⁣
◆Age: 2-36months (accompanied by a guardian)⁣
◆Contents: English time⁣
◆Please email us: to make a reservation.⁣⁣

・Max 4 families can join but we will adjust the number depending on the number of siblings who are going to join. ⁣
・Please refrain from coming if you or your child is not feeling well. ⁣
・The lesson will be at Merveille - メルヴェイユ so please go up the slope and enter from the café entrance. ⁣
・Parents are required to wear masks. ⁣⁣

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