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International Guests インターナショナルゲスト紹介

We had international visitor, Mr.Robbie. He is from CA, U.S.A. It's been good to have him here.
I have been working here for 2 weeks now, and today was my last day. It was a sad and happy day. I have come to love the people who work here and I see the love they have for God, for each other and for these children. I am sad to leave this place of compassion and teaching. But God is moving me onward to other adventures with Him. The kids here are all amazing! Even at a young age you can see all the different personalities. From the outgoing to they shy, the leaders to the followers, the strong to the compassionate. All very unique in their own way, all will grow up to be great men and women because of the foundation that they have received at Kingdom Kids. I am going to miss everyone. The teachers and the kids are in my heart and my prayers.
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